Social Media Project: Dog-N-It

Social Media Project: Dog-N-It

For our social media project we put together a media plan for a independent dog-training company, Dog-N-It. The company didn’t utilize social media platforms for business awareness and growth much, so we tried to shed some light on what various sites could bring to the table. We included Instagram, website vs. blog, snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter. I had the opportunity to work with an incredibly talented group on our final project. My group partners were Kate, Darcy, Meredith, and Julia. They each really put a lot into this project and helped make it all come together incredibly. Kate did a great job writing about Instagram and doing some editing and formatting for the final draft. Darcy stepped up to make sure that we all had our references worked out and followed APA format. She also wrote about using Twitter for Dog-N-It. Meredith took in initiative to get the whole project rolling. She set up the first meeting, contacted the client, and wrote about Facebook. Julia posted our final blog on her site and laid out the pros and cons of having a website vs. a blog. I tried to shed some light on the functionality of the relatively new app, Snapchat, and how it can be utilized to grab attention/followers for Dog-N-It. I found this whole experience to be very informative and eye opening. I usually just look at the entertainment side of social media, but it was interesting to look at it from a business standpoint. Although many of us look at company’s social media sites for quick informational purposes, we rarely stop to think about how much strategic work goes into the development of it all.


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