Newsvine experience



While the idea of Newsvine may appeal to many people, I personally didn’t have the best experience with it. I honestly found the whole site to be a little bit confusing. I also wasn’t crazy about all the topics being posted on there. I tend to like to read about news through other sites, particularly Buzzfeed. With all the negative things going on in the world today, I think it’s important to be informed, but then also read some positive stories of your particular interest. Buzzfeed accomplishes this more than any other site I’ve seen, and Newsvine tended to be swamped with posts on debates, politics, and many sad news stories.

The idea of Newsvine is to be a social news platform with many professional journalists, but also just everyday users. According to the wiki description, Newsvine encourages debates, but does not allow self promoting, useless, or insulting comments. If those are found, then the comment will “collapse” and you can only open it by choosing to enlarge it.  Newsvine also has something called “vineacity”. Vineacity is a rating scale for users, which include six key elements. They consist of courtesy, longevity, fruitfulness, connectedness, random act of vineness, and lifetime achievement. I think that once this rating gets higher and you earn more more rep, then Newsvine will let you post more often and you wont get banned. In a sense I think that Newsvine has good intentions with this tactic because there are many people lurking through different social media sites who just want to spam or say hateful things on peoples comments, but I personally don’t think it’s as effective as it could be. The fact that it’s hard to dive into the website an immerse yourself in it when you first create an account seems to be a problem. I know I personally lost interest do to the speed at which I was able to access it. For this kind of site I think it’s important to have some sort of system to at least try to filter out as much spam as they can, without restricting new members.

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