Tagging + Bookmarking


Growing up, most of us had always looked at social media as merely being a place for selfies and Facebook rants and a platform for our own personal leisure/entertainment. Although this is one of the main purposes and the whole idea of social media, it can also be a great tool used in a more professional way to promote brand image, market yourself in the workforce (LinkedIn, Twitter, ect.), stumble upon new information, meet other experts in your field,  or even snag a job!

You might be thinking…”How on Earth can I get a job through social media?” Well, while you may not be able to get a job on the spot through, let’s say, Instagram… You can use tagging and bookmarking to find specific job listings tailored to your interest by using hashtags + bookmarks. Using #Jobs with a related hashtag to your job interest, you can usually find some pretty useful listings if Jobs.com just isn’t doing it for you. Check out THIS article by USnews to find some useful bookmarks for job seekers!

You can also help yourself by actively searching different companies/institutions that you’re interested in by viewing their tags on various social media platforms and seeing what they’re all about. Usually a company’s official website will give you the overall gist in a few paragraphs of what they do, but their social media outlets is where the action is really at. Viewing a companies bookmarks/tags can really help you grasp the energy and grit of the company by seeing what they’re doing on a day to day basis. Being familiar with their social media can without a doubt help you impress the boss during that first interview.

Tagging is also a great way to get your own name and ideas out there. The use of tagging can help garner attention to you when viewers stumble across tags relevant to your blog posts. The single most important thing while tagging is to be selective, strategic, and descriptive. For example, lets say you’re huge on the environment and are writing a blog post about the pros and cons of recycling. It may not do you good to only use the hashtag “#recycling” due to the fact that thousands of other relevant topics could come up before yours. Using #recycling is a good first step, but including other descriptive terms such as #polluition, #wastedisposal, #energyconservation, #prosandcons, etc. can help viewers that share similar interests hit your blog posts.

Getting a signature “hashtag-line” is also a great way to gain viewership. Not sure what hashtags to use? Try looking at Tagging 101 where Elissa Nauful talks about “Google Insights” as a great tool to help sift out the popular terms that people search for. She gave the example , “if you’re writing a blog about cardiovascular disease, Google insights can tell you where more people search “heart disease” or “cardiovascular disease”- or even that most people search “heart attack”. –Definitely a great tool to know about for future blog posts!

Check out this website about some other key hashtag strategies!


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